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We are a reference centre for thyroid surgery


Endocrine Surgery Unit of Pederzoli Hospital in Peschiera del Garda (manager: Dr. A. Casaril) is accredited as reference center for thyroid surgery.


The service offers a complete diagnostic-therapeutic path which gives swift diagnosis and specific treatment. For this objective, a specialized team for thyroid treatment was created and connects Endocrinology Service with Endocrine Surgery Unit, Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Pathological Anatomy and other specialties.


Innovation and minimally invasive procedures have always been the objective of General Surgery Unit and Endocrine Surgery Unit embraces this philosophy.


Traditional thyroid procedures (thyroidectomy and hemithyroidectomy) are sutureless, that is practiced without stitches, but only through energy tools, such as ultrasonic dissector.


For years the team has routinely made use of
intra-operative monitor (NIM 3.0) of inferior laryngeal nerve, which greatly reduces risks of nerve damage and clear the risk of the most serious complication: tracheostomy.


Thyroidectomy is also performed with minimally invasive and video-assisted technique (MIVAT): the procedure consists in a small 1.5 cm incision and uses a camera and particular instruments to remove the entire thyroid.


La Robotic thyroidectomy (robot-assisted, RATT) with DaVinci XI. has been introduced from about a year for the treatment of thyroid disorders: with a particular needle inserted through the skin, without incisions, thyroid nodules can be “burned” and reduced.


Transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy vestibular approach (TOETVA)


Recently the possibility to perform a thyroidectomy through a small incision inside the lip was introduced. This permits to remove thyroid without residual scars.


Endocrine Surgery of Ospedale Pederzoli has been among the first in Italy to perform a trans-oral thyroidectomy (Trans-Oral Endoscopic Thyroidectomy Vestibular Approach: TOETVA), currently practiced in few centres around the world and in rapid diffusion.


In addition to the obvious aesthetic advantage, this reduces post-operative pain and permits a swift return to everyday life.

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