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Thoracic surgery is a less known area treating many conditions. It takes care of all the organs contained in the rib cage, with the exception of heart and aorta. The most important conditions are cancers, such as lung, pleura (mesothelioma), thymus gland (thymoma), oesophagus, chest wall neoplasms, etc. Thoracic surgeon is in charge of diagnosis and treatment of these conditions, using when possible minimally invasive procedures (videothoracoscopy and videosurgery). There are also benign diseases, such as pneumothorax (presence of air in the pleural cavity), diaphragm hernia or relaxation (with passage of abdominal organs in thorax), hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of hands or armpits, a condition limiting professional life, relations and everyday activity). For this last condition, not everybody knows that a simple 30-minute on each side procedure, with a 24-hour hospitalization, can permanently solve the problem. Thoracic surgeon is the only healthcare provider for diagnosis of primitive (lymphoma) and secondary (lung cancer metastasis) lymphoproliferative diseases in mediastinal site.

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