Dr. Walter

When are we operational?


We are available from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 15:30


Antalgic therapy clinic is active from Monday to Friday, from 14:00 to 18:00

Description of the activities


Our activity consists in encounters with patients, collection of data about his experience and painful symptoms, visits and eventual further investigation, to permit an accurate diagnosis.


Antalgic therapy implements pharmacological and/or interventional strategies.


– Medical therapies consist in the prescription of pain medication of different nature, administering various combinations, through infusion and other techniques

– Antalgic therapy interventional procedures are numerous and complex. Along with classical anaesthesia techniques, new specific approaches were introduced. A rapid technological evolution constantly provides new solutions.


In our centre we preferably adopt neuromodulation techniques, that is without causing nerve damage.


We prefer a step-by-step approach: starting with drug therapy, depending on the cause, we also perform peridural then subarachnoid analgesia techniques, infusing therapeutic substances in the vertebral canal, through external pumps or infusion systems. We also adopt complex approaches, through implantation of small electrical impulse generators under the skin. We also use continuous and pulsed radiofrequency technique, to fight pains originating in central and peripheral nervous system.
Diagnosis and choice of these complex therapeutic procedures are decided by visits with the pain therapy specialist. They are formulated and endorsed with a multidisciplinary team of specialists and always agreed with the patient, by providing adequate information and acquiring a specific consent.

Online reservation system

Access the online reservation system to download your report in digital form.

Did you know that an automated service for report collection is available in our structure? It operates 24/7 in the central reservation area.

Access the service

CUP - Unified Reservation Center

Need to book or cancel a visit? Here are the phone numbers:

Reservations 045 644 92 70
Cancellations 24/7
by calling or leaving a message
045 644 92 30
Opening hours From Monday to Friday
from 8:00 to 19:00
Saturday from 08:00 to 12:00

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Some exams performed in our structure

Antalgic therapy visit

This exam doesn’t require consent or specific preparation

PICC placement - Peripherally Inserted Central

Before carrying out the visit, read here:

CVC placement – Central venous Catheter

Before carrying out the visit, read here:

Information and communication

We are very attentive to relations between patient and doctor.

Antalgic Therapy activity takes place in the Pain Therapy Clinic, second floor, in front of day-Hospital ward.


Treatments are performed on an outpatient basis for infiltration techniques. More invasive and complex procedures are often on a Day-Hospital basis.

All patients must be accompanied.


Visits must be reserved at the CUP, with attending doctor prescription.

Needing Pain Therapy services?

The service is also available at another one of our structures. It is a strong point of:

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