Dr. Luciano Zilocchi

Oncological psychology is a service where “to say” and “to listen” are as important as “to do”.


Pederzoli Hospital offers its patients with neoplastic syndrome and his relatives, the professional support of a psycho-oncologist who can be a valid help in the therapy, through guided support talks.


The diagnosis of a tumor has deep – sometimes upsetting – emotional impact and can produce fear, refusal, anguish, insecurity, with a strong influence on patients’ and relatives’ life.


Psychological assistance, during therapy and rehabilitation, has proved its usefulness, both for the cure and for its humanization. This to take care not only of the “enemy-disease”, but also of the person, his inner turmoil and his psychologic and relational necessities.


Psycho-oncology unites oncology with clinical psychology and psychiatry. It analyses two significant dimensions of cancer:


1) Psychological and social impact of the disease, for patients, relatives and medical team


2) The role of psychological and behavioral factors in prevention, early diagnosis and cure of neoplasms


Psycho-oncology considers a multidisciplinary approach and integration of all disciplines an essential requisite for a therapy system which can take care of all the patient’s needs.


Both the patient and his family need to prepare for new rhythms and new roles.


It is a complex scenery of family dynamics and psychological counselling to the patient and his family is a useful instrument when in need for information, support in times of crisis, solutions for everyday problems, reinforcement for decision-making, recovery and rehabilitation.


Personnel formation to improve assistance for oncology patients


This service is very important and organizes formation and consultancy for medic personnel in psychology and communication. This is essential not only to optimize services to the patient but also to help all personnel overcome situations with an heavy emotional burden.

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Information and communication

We are very attentive to relations between patient and doctor.

Oncological Psychology service permits a continuity in formal and informal meetings with healthcare professionals.


Interdisciplinary meetings help to share between all the components of the staff points of view on the patient, his therapeutic needs and evolution, eventual emotional loads, etc.

Are you a patient or a relative?


For every question about the hospitalized conditions, we are at your disposal! The service is addressed to the patient and his family and both can request a support interview directly to the specialist. If the specialist thinks it important, he will propose the patient or the family one or more interview with the psychologist.


“Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o-er wrought heart and bids it break.”.


(William Shakespeare, Macbeth).