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We are available from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 18:00.

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Endocrine diseases include many disorders affecting endocrine glands, specific organs dedicated to the production of hormones, necessary to maintain homeostasis and many other physiological functions.


Even if neoplastic or benign thyroid diseases are by far the prevailing ones, this service also takes care of rarer disorders like neuroendocrine tumors, pituitary, adrenal glands and gonads (ovary and testicle) diseases.


We perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures according to the most recent national and international guidelines, in order to provide answers based on scientific evidence, but always taking in account specific needs of every patient.


Although the management of these conditions is mostly on an outpatient basis, in particularly complex cases or endocrinologic urgencies, swift hospitalization can be arranged for a rapid assessment or a specific therapeutic process.


Thyroid and parathyroid pathology is addressed in its various aspects (neoplastic and functional) as quickly and effectively as possible, thanks to the important collaboration with Thyroid Endocrine Surgery, Laboratory and Radiology and to many years of experience.


In this regard, ultrasound and cytologic tests can be performed (thyroid FNAC).


Thanks to our collaboration with Pancreatic Surgery, Gastroenterology, Pneumology and Pathological Anatomy of our hospital, we are a reference centre of excellence (recognized by ENETS, European Neuroendocrine Tumor Society) for neuroendocrine neoplastic pathology, both gastroenteropancreatic and pulmonary. We offer solutions like conservative (laser therapy or chemoembolization by angiography) and surgical therapy.


For staging purposes we constantly collaborate with Nuclear Medicine unit of Negrar hospital.


Our structure can also provide diagnosis and therapy for hyperfunctional benign adrenal pathologies (Pheochromocytoma, Conn’s syndrome or Cushing’s syndrome), which can lead to secondary hypertension and malignant adrenal pathologies, requiring surgery, with active collaboration with Urology Unit.


On an outpatient basis we diagnose and treat disorders of female and male reproductive system (testicular or ovarian hypofunction, hyperandrogenism, PCOS) and alterations of phospho-calcic metabolism (osteoporosis).

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We are very attentive to relations between patient and doctor.

Particular care is dedicated to explanations about the patient’s condition, the possible alternatives and the involvement of relatives when necessary.

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