The Facility

A social and healthcare residential facility, with the patient’s psychophisycal well-being as its main objective.

A local facility open to its territory.

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Quality is our commitment

A constant multidisciplinary team work, where every figure contributes with his professionality, with the patient and his past as our main objective.

To house a guest is to house also his relatives, to share the objectives of healthcare.

Certificato di SGQ

N° 50 100 14077

Customer – relative satisfaction questionnaire

Our staff

All the personnel is constantly trained: specific courses for his role, mandatory courses and internal courses to learn the various job dynamics and to constantly improve human relations.

Every day
a new experience

Many interesting activities are proposed, with the aim to involve our guests and to give valueto their personal qualities.

Educational and entertainment activities are:

Green area

“A park within a park”: an external area with a protected space within a well equipped garden, where you can find an “anti-age itinerary”. The green area hosts more than 6.000 plants of many species and sizes.


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Creative workshops

Our facility is equipped to help our guests express themselves through painting and manipulation.


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Theater and music therapy

In the facility there is an area dedicated to music listening and stage acting.

Personal care

Services created to allow the person to preserve habits and feel valued


The beauty salon is available weekly to those who wish it. Reservations can be made at the professional educator.
Not included in the accomodation fee.


Not included in the accomodation fee.
In accordance with the educational service, the podiatrist organizes a monthly schedule of services.

Wardrobe – Laundry

All necessary linen is provided, with the exception of what is personally brought by the patient, which can be delivered to the personnel. They will inventory it and take care of washing and ironing it (service included in the accomodation fee).

Audiovisual service

Every room has a TV set, a recliner and a sofa. There is a film club (on Saturday morning) and Tv sets are available to all in the communal sitting rooms.

Dott. Pederzoli service center

Casa di Cura Dott. Pederzoli’s vision is to make patients feel welcome and taken care of, not only for their illness, but also for their personal value.
This “social” sensibility brought us to create a new residential compound for self-sufficient and non self-sufficient people, where chronical, oncological and other diseases do not limit the possibility to feel loved and to express personal values.

Service chart and internal regulation

An instrument to learn about the services of our structure.

“The richness found in every encounter remains unforgettable in people who know its value”

Sig.ra Simona Bonato
Dott. Pederzoli service center – executive director

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How to reach us

Service Center – Dott. Pederzoli


Via P. Pederzoli, 2
37014 – Castelnuovo del Garda (VR)
tel 045 6444999