Founded on 1947

“Casa di cura “Dott. Pederzoli” was born on 1947 in Peschiera del Garda by will of Doctor Piero Pederzoli, mainly for surgical specialties.


The structure became a point of reference for local people and was transferred to its current location in 1952.”.


Prof. Vittorio Pederzoli


Prof. Vittorio Pederzoli – President

Rag. Giuseppe Puntin – CEO

Dr. Piero Pederzoli – Founder

The Pederzoli as a
Presidio Ospedaliero

Over time, Casa di Cura Pederzoli became a centre for the health care needs of the people.


This was fully recognized with Regione Veneto resolution n. 860 in 27/02/1987. Private Casa di Cura “Dott. Pederzoli” was recognised as a hospital, being a fundamental point of reference for public health care.

“No process or service is so well organized and structured, that it can’t be improved over time”

Rag. Giuseppe Puntin – CEO

An hospital
constantly evolving

The hospital is undergoing a gradual reconstruction, including structural and technologic modernization, for high health care performance and high-quality environment. From 17.000 to 41.000 square meters dedicated to your health and equipped with 12 very modern operating rooms, 3 delivery rooms and 1 surgical room for emergency C-section, 2 interventional angiography rooms, general and cardiologic intensive care. Some examples of available technology: 2 1.5 Tesla MRI, 2 CT scans, 1 next generation 3D mammograph, 1 Da Vinci surgical robot, 3D video-laparoscopy system. Total renovation of external and internal space is considered necessary for people well-being and it can positively influence our patients’ state.

A look into the future

Our objective is to operate by always putting the patient at the center of attention.


The patient has to be considered not only for his pain, but also for his complexity as a person carrying expectations. To fully take care of them, it is necessary to operate with maximum humanization and with the application of the most appropriate health care techniques.